Podiatry is a branch of medicine specialized for treating disorders and injuries of the foot and ankle while administering preventative health measures aiming at maintaining active ambulation within all ages including the senior citizens, our services will include diagnosing, treating and prescribing for any disease, injury, deformity, or problems of foot and ankle.

Podiatry Clinical Services Offered At The HHCC Podiatry Clinic

  • Management of Skin Infections and Nail Disorder of the Foot and Ankle.

  • Diagnosis and Management of Ulcers/Wounds (Diabetic Foot Ulcers).

  • Diagnosis And Management of Foot pain (Inflammations/injuries).

  • Diagnosis and Management of Foot and Ankle Sport Injuries (Example Ankle Sprains and Tendon Problems).

  • Management of Morton Neuroma (Nerve Impingement).

  • Management of Flatfoot, Clubfoot and High Arch Foot.

  • Management of Stress Fractures.

  • Management of Hammer Toe Deformities and Other Foot and Toe Deformities.

  • Management of Gait Alterations, Biomechanical Analysis and Orthotic Recommendations.

  • Diagnosis And Management of Children’s Foot Deformities and Prevention of Flatfeet.

  • Treatments of Warts, Corns and Calluses.

  • Treatment of Bunions.

  • Treatment of Fungal Infection of the Toes and Feet.

Home Foot Care Services Provided At The Patients Home

HHCC Is Pioneer In Introducing The Foot Care Home Services (FCHS) In The Kingdom Of Bahrain In Collaboration With The Podiatrist Dr. Noor Janahi.
Specialized And Comprehensive Foot Care For All Aspects Of Foot Problems Will Be Provided By The HHCC Foot Nurses, Specifically Trained In Medical Foot Care.
Our Mobile FCHS Will Provide You With All Foot Care Needs At The Comfort Of Your Own Home.