Shoe insoles can help remedy some simple shoe problems to give you a much more comfortable fit.

Insoles are pieces of material that you put inside your shoe for comfort, warmth and fit. Insoles are also sometimes referred to as foot beds and inner soles. They are usually something that you buy separately and insert into your shoes, however, the soles that are fixed inside a shoe are also sometimes called insoles.

Insoles are mainly used to improve the fit of shoes and are sometimes useful to keep shoes fresh as they can occasionally be taken out and cleaned.



Fragile Feet and Sensitive City insoles will help patients with diseases related to the foot like Rheumatologic, arterial or diabetic foot which need maximum comfort and integral cushioning. It will also provide stabilization and secured support which will help the patient to walk comfortably. These insoles can be fitted into any type of city shoes (daily wear shoes - including open sandals) which give patients the freedom to wear regular shoes comfortably. Sensitive City insoles will also help in re-cushioning of the metatarsal support. It will also provide stabilization and support to the foot.


Fine City and City Comfort insoles will help patients with diseases related to elective mechanical metatarsalgia, problems like Calcaneo-valgus/-varus, Supinating or pronating front foot (Supination is a triplanar motion involving the foot moving down and towards the center of the body and Pronation is triplanar motion of the subtler joint involving the foot moving up and away from the center of the body), Tibial Venous Pains, Chronic instability of the ankles, Inner or outer gonalgia.

City Comfort will ensure moderate reduction in the plantar cushion of the insole so that the pressure of the body can be equally distributed to the points of the foot.

In Bahrain, problems related to the foot are common, but till now there are not many options available besides conventional medicines. City Range insoles will help the patients having Rheumatologic, arterial diabetic problems, elective mechanical metatarsalgia, calcaneo-valgus/varus, tibial venous pains, etc. These diseases makes the foot more prone to allergies and related problems. Insoles will not only help provide relief from the physical pain due to the disease but will also provide comfort in walking normally.



All the insoles which we create are of Very fine Quality, so they can be used in city shoes, casual shoes and even for sports shoes for both Men & Women.


Unequaled comfort through precision in molding i.e. The way we mold your insoles are of high perfection and precision, hence all the insoles we make will be of high Comfort.


Totally & highly secured plantar support for case related to vascular or neurological problems (arthritis, diabetes, polyarthritis, rheumatism)