about us

American Foot & Ankle Centre (AFAC) is one of the leading specialist in diagnosis of foot problems and production of thermoformed planter. We were the pioneers who brought 25 year old French technology to The Kingdom of Bahrain.

American Ankle and Foot Centre is also specialized in podiatry Services and in production of customizable Insoles for bio-mechanical correction. The Orthotic insoles yield the best results with not even a single side effects. These are ergonomically designed to restore normal mechanics of walking.

AFAC has a team of highly specialized domain experts including Orthotics, technicians and experienced professionals. AFAC’s exclusive thermoforming concept, the ‘Preform Module’ gives patients safe and effective relief from pains. This new technology is most benefited for people with problems related to foot, ankle, knee, hip and back. AFAC’s unique design and material composition gives the wearer the combination of support and cushioning. Diagnosis of patient's foot is taken with the help of high-tech advanced machineries which are imported from France.

Our History

American Foot and Ankle Centre (AFAC) Takes back its roots from the year 2012, when Dr. William S. Stano from The United States of America took the initiative of starting treatment for foot through non-operative measures. Since then we have only excelled at what we do and now we have podiatry machines imported from France to provide a state of the art facility for foot care by providing customizable insole's for their footwear.

Our team has grown and we have experienced staff to give you the care that you deserve. Our team includes Orthotics and Physiotherapist for providing you with the best care and products for your foot care and any muscle pain that you experience in your day to day lifestyle.

We have a sister company called Home Health Care Centre working and providing services to the people of Bahrain since 2005, Home Health Care Centre is aimed at providing nursing, supportive and allied health care services for the people who require it at their own homes. It was and is an innovative and first of its king health facility in the kingdom that aids patients in their own domestic environment without the trouble of searching or waiting for such assistance.

Our Goal/Mission

Our Goal/Mission is to produce a product and cultivate an environment that creates a positive difference in all the lives we touch. The cornerstone of our culture is a commitment to behave ethically, honestly and courteously, always striving to do what is right.

Our Insoles have succeeded in creating an aftermarket orthotic insole that has the quality and benefits of a medical, full custom, doctor prescribed orthotic, but made affordable even to average person. We focus mainly on Quality, Performance, Innovation, and delivering a product to make your life better & easier. The bio-mechanics and scientific shape of orthotic insoles is a result of 30 plus years of experience in the medical world. Our insoles are approve bed and recommended by renowned doctors, physical therapists, and podiatrists worldwide.

The Quality of Insoles We Make

All our products & Insoles are specially created and formulated from raw materials in our factory with innovative blends of only the finest medical grade materials and foams. This magical concoction is able to endure heavy shock impacts and transform its character to absorb and distribute energy predominantly reducing impact while keeping its original cushy soft foam state without ever packing out.

What makes our insole even much stronger is the durability that you won't find in other impact foams and its ability to rebound back to its original state very quickly. You will never feel dead where you stand. It is more protective, comfortable and will outperform traditional inferior foams that exists in the market.